Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday, May 22: homeward bound.

I forgot that I don't work weekends to be able to blog about canada's greatest summer job. Poor you, you must now read the trials and tribulations of my boring existence. Or not, I suppose. You could always catch up on the Huffington post.

Today, I bought a new-to-me camera from a friend of mine. I've named it Frank. Let's hope it doesn't suffer the same fate as my last 3 cameras. It's strange, the very first digital camera I ever bought lasted me 3 years. The next lasted 3 months before I left it in a taxi in Gatineau. After that, my aunt Linda bought me one just before I moved to Banff, which was phenomenal. That ol' girl lived almost 7 months before falling out of the pocket of my bridesmaid dress in my haste because, to be honest, I forgot about it when I went to the bathroom (and maybe again later while dancing it took on a mind of it's own and flung itself across the dance floor. I guess that's one way of BREAK dancing). The last camera I owned was bought for me at Christmas by my father and I was elated when it lasted 9 months. That was the fall of 2009, and, aside from a video camera that had no photo function, I haven't owned one since. Wow. That's a lot of explaining for something relatively uninteresting.

After I picked up the camera, my fiancé and I headed to souris, where I helped his mom in the garden and visited old friends. After a baby threw up in my purse, I met up with my fiancé at the beach and he walked while I went hunting for seaglass. There were a few pieces, but nothing to write home about. The tide should be out again by mid morning, so I'm planning an ambush before lunch tomorrow. You will be mine, perfectly baubled blue and red seaglass. Now i'm retiring to bed with one Anne Shirley. That sounded dirtier than intended, I'm just reading the book. Guess my tiredness is showing through.

Photo of the day: today I learned that hot salt water used to boil lobsters actually kills grass. Go figure.

Location:Souris, PEI

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