Monday, May 31, 2010

Monday, May 31: Where has the month gone?

It seems like I just got back from Banff yesterday.

The best part of my day today was realizing that since I got the fancy schmancy new camera, I had COMPLETELY forgotten I took a bunch of footage with my poor neglected Flip, so I'm currently saving those onto the computer so I can (I assume) lol and feel sad all at once.

Today, there was talk of an amazing Eastern Canada meet-up of the martimes + Quebec. This may all be a pipe dream, but it would be great if I could take the little red hatchback to Montreal, picking up my fellow participants along the way. What a happy thought. It would be incredible to see other national parks!

I honed my pitches. I read them all over and over, reworked one completely after talking to a Plover Monitor, painstakingly researched and worded everything as carefully as I could. I'm presenting them to Mike tomorrow for the green light, I hope he thinks they're OK. He knows the main ideas anyways, I am hoping he might have some insight on how to make them even better. All I have left to do on them is work out a timeline that will probably change anyways.

I've been having a lot of trouble with my dead kitten lately. it's hair gets in the way all the time and ruins my shots, and I can never see the hair until I upload the video and see it on the monitor. It's frustrating. After work, I headed to Sober's music to see if they had a cheap alternative, and they did. They had foam ones that fit over very well. Tomorrow I will test it in the wind.

A dead kitten is a wind sock for a mic, in case anyone thought I was just a psycho. Honestly, it looks like I chopped off my sister's cat's tail and used it over top of my mic, so it's accurately named.

Photo of the day: an alive kitten imitating a dead kitten, and an actual dead kitten.


  1. Is that Heinz? Also, what is this Quebec/Martime thing that I am in the dark on. Come to Tadoussac.

  2. This Quebec/Maritime thing only evolved from a crazy idea this afternoon. If we can make it work, wouldn't that be awesome?!