Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tuesday, May 18: Jimmy rigged.

I stand corrected.

It's not just a matter of a broken screw. The part where the screw screws into is bald (MAJORLY fighting off the "that's what she saids" right now), so I have 2 options: I can send it back to the manufacturer and wait for a new one to come in, or I can get one of the automotive guys in the compound at Dalvay to 'fix' it for me, which would void the warranty.

So, until then (and the photo of the day), JIMMY RIGGED TO THE MAX:

Other than that, the day was fantastic. Once I picked the supply cupboard clean of elastics and twine, Ben and I set out for Greenwich. There wasn't a cloud in the sky. It was 20 degrees. I had to pay 9 bucks for gas station kid's sun screen because I'm a redhead of the finest sort.

Today I learned the true value of the polarized lense. It was so bright in the sun with the reflection off the water and the white sand that the first 10 or so videos I took turned out over exposed to the max. I did the panic dance, calmed down, came to my senses, put the lense on and went "aaaahhhhhh". The shoot went great after that. We got back to Dalvay just in time for me to sit in on a conference call that I'm fairly sure was mainly meant for managers and supervisors.

They reiterated today that these videos should be fun and focussed towards our own age group, so I'm rethinking my pitches. I've been holding back, thinking too much like national geographic and not enough like myself. I've gotta realize that there's a reason why they hired me, and they probably want to see that part of me shine through.

That's it for today. I'm getting a temporary computer tomorrow. I'm hoping to finish a pitch in it's entirety. I hope they like it, it's a bit... ridiculous I think. And of course, I've worked cloning into the mix. Y'all just wait and see.

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