Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunday, May 30: exhausted!

I did a lot today. I wish I knew more words for awesome, because it's becoming grossly overused in my vocabulary.

Instead of going through everything I've done today, I'd rather tell you all of the things that I was reminded that I loved today.

I love how my grandfather assumes that I forgot my collection money for church and hands me a toonie as soon as I sit in the pew beside him. And yes, I did forget it.

I love waking up and watching 4 blue herons fishing.

I love how my grandmother picks threads out of her scarf and piles them on my leg in the middle of a sermon.

I love homemade hashbrowns and could probably subsist on them until I died of scurvy (or whatever illness I would get from eating only potatoes and ketchup).

I love how my aunt works life lessons into seaglassing without even meaning to, "You can't find seaglass because you think you deserve it or ask for it, it's a gift from the sea and you have to be thankful for what you get".

I love calling my stepmom and telling her I'm coming for a visit, and by the time I get there, she's putting homemade cookies in the oven.

I love eating homemade cookies for supper while talking about nothing with her around the kitchen table.

I love when detours make us drive down red dirt roads.

I love the contrast of blues, greens and reds that happen here. I love every rock and every leaf.

Photos of the day: home. Seaglass. Family. Love.


  1. Marsha thank you for being you !! I love your comments, your pictures and YOU!!

  2. Jez Moe, you sure do know how to make a girl homesick!

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