Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thursday, May 27: Re-energized!

Today was a great day. Just one of those days that you look back on and smile.

My good day started with my computer arriving! Mike waited for me to set it up, and he was just as excited as I was.  It only came with one monitor, which killed our dream of the dual monitor set up, but who cares? The computer rocks. I was elated to get it up and running in my new temporary office area.

In the afternoon, the server went down for several hours. Of course, being the most prepared Parks Canada employee, I did NOT print off my word document of the agenda and questions I had written up for the meeting I was leading with students. However, the network Gods were smiling upon me today, and the server came back up with moments to spare.

I must say, the meeting with the students returned my lost energy. I left with so many new ideas and so much life. Even just being able to shoot the shit about what's going on in the park with people my own age was phenomenal! I can't wait to pitch my ideas. Thanks again, students of Dalvay/Cavendish/Greenwich/Ardgowan!

I drove home, listening to the radio, car dancing, and generally enjoying life. As if the day could get better, I got to skype with Heinz! It was amazing to be able to catch up (briefly... the skype Gods are not as kind as the network Gods) and to talk about the program again.  I miss everybody!

Now I'm going to take my happiness on the road and grab some food at the Olde Dub before trivia tonight.

Photo of the day: My new temporary office. Please notice the bright orange Parks Canada water bottle, my favorite colour. It was fate.

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