Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday, july 24: CASINO NIGHT!

I think I've shed light on exactly how much luck the Robertson's have. In case you missed the memo, I believe the running total is none.

Well, I sure proved myself a Robertson tonight at the casino!

Tonight Jacob and I went to the Gahan house and couldn't decide what to do afterwards. We called our besties Emile and Krista and together, the 4 of us were stumped. We ended up going to 4 dives before finally deciding to blow 10 (which turned into 20) bucks on the casino.


This ia a prime example of a one-armed bandit. When I was a kid I used to watch an infomercial on how to beat the one-armed bandit. Ever since then, I've wanted to pull the lever. I guess I should have bought the DVD.

Sure, I lost my money, and managed to lose 10 bucks on 2 cent slots in about 3 minutes, but that's ok! It was only the second time I've ever casino gambled, and it was a fun "once very 5 years" thing.

Jacob gambled as long as the rest of us but only lost 40 cents. He was definitely the big winner.

I felt like I was in Vegas. Yes that's very small town to say, but it did. I had a great night. Camping tomorrow!

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