Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday, July 26: Life in a Day.

I'll first start out with what I look like 90% of my days now, since it's mainly editing time and I have a little more than a week to put together 3 complete videos.

Now, as completely enthralling it would be for me to start explaining to you how to go about editing a video without 1)punching your computer, 2)losing all of your hair, or 3)having short bouts of crazy (I haven't quite mastered this one yet myself), I think instead I'll answer the questions for Life in a Day.

Life in a Day is a youtube based project by director Kevin MacDonald with an intricate process towards a simple goal: document a day on earth. July 24, 2010, to be exact. Have as many people upload as much footage of their day as they can. The end result: A documentary with hopefully a wide and stunning representation of a million different cultures. Interesting, eh?

For this project, I recorded my day on Saturday, and had to answer 3 simple questions, which I will answer in more depth here in this tiny blog than I did to possibly millions of people.

I love my family. I love my friends, my job, my coffee. I love the love of my life. I love life cereal and when my sister intuitively knows I'm crying and calls me from halfway across the country. I love waking up to a 14 pound cat sitting on my chest purring. I love how raw my emotions can be and red sky's at night. I love blogging, making videos, editing, and this job for pushing me to be more creative than I ever thought possible.

Failure. I fear this Island swallowing me whole. I fear never truly doing what I want to do because of limitations I set for myself. I fear letting down the people that I love, and I fear I'm not what they want me to be. I fear that gutwrenching, world-rocking feeling when someone has gotten hurt or died; the feeling of longing for 5 minutes earlier, the complete mind jolt. I fear having to relive past experiences that only now are starting to come back to me in all of their complexities as flashes of memories. I fear remembering more than I want to.

In my purse right now are 2 old bills that I paid but never cared enough to take them out. I've got half a pack of gum and a triangle rock I found at the beach last summer. My wallet, my change purse, my phone. Usually a piece of tiger eye or chalcedony, but I gave it way so I'll have to replace it with another one from my collection. A morbidly designed notebook and a pen, too much small change.

There. With this, I'm going back to editing a video about kiteboarding. Good night.

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