Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tuesday, July 6: Rain rain, go away.

Come again another day when I have more stuff to edit and work on than shoot. Thanks.

After work day, I went to see Eclipse with a friend of mine. Now, I'm not a Twi-hard by any means, but having read the series, I enjoyed it enough to expect some thrill from the movie on half price night at the local cinema. Well, that was wrong.

Because this job has ruined/heightened my movie-going experience, and in Twilight: Eclipse's case, it ruined it. 

I don't go to school for film, and I don't claim to know everything. I do know that shots that look hand-held make me feel nauseated and when sound editing goes bad, it's very, very noticeable. Don't even get me started on the story line. Less talk, more action for the next one, OK?

I DID get a really cool angle that I'm going to steal from Twilight though, so it was worth the price of admission.

Photo of the day: that darn hilarious cat being darn hilarious again. Seriously, is this not amazingly funny to anyone else?

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  1. No, that cat is epic. I'd like to hang out with it. Maybe play some NES.