Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wednesday, July 28: Family reunited.

Excuse me, but in case you may not have noticed, my father is home and I might be mildly excited. He picked me up at my apartment. We grabbed a pop and sat at needs for almost 2 hours, just catching up on life. We could have talked longer, but it's a long drive back to Souris.

I asked him when he was starting the house, and he immediately answered "tomorrow morning. I got my new work boots". I love my father.

Today I edited like a mad woman. Yesterday I arrived home tired, listless and completely lethargic. Slowly, an idea developed in my mind. An idea for the Anne video strong enough to make me jump out of my chair and my catatonic state and run to the store for props. I came home and filmed a large sequence and edited it today. I hope it looks as good as I think it does, I really enjoy it.

Filming myself has been very bad and very good. It's good in that I'm getting used to seeing myself on camera. It's bad in that my camera is high definition. Hello, pimple on my chin that will form a week from Thursday.

It's totally bedtime. I have a LONG day tomorrow. I have to finish my filming in the AM and finish my editing in the PM. Fingers crossed for my sanity, folks.

Photo of the day: Anne of Duck's Landing.


  1. Marsha you are too funny! Don't ever change!

  2. Funny, I didn't know that Anne had a blackberry

  3. Nah, she doesn't. She's got an iPhone!

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