Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thursday, July 22: I can do it.

Can I finish 2 videos by the end of next week? Yes.
Will they be very, very rough? Yes.
Will I get all 3 good copies done before the 6th of August? Yes.

Today I kept having waves of I CAN'T DO THIS IT'S TOO MUCH, then it would calm into a nice "No, this isn't just a test of creativity and skill; it's a test of patience and perseverance." I'm swamped because I chose topics that were either months to cover, or had to wait to be filmed.

I'll get through the 3 because I have to. I'm glad that I have to.
This may be a crash course in film, but it's the best damn thing I've ever done, and I've never felt more proud of myself.

1 comment:

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