Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sunday, July 4: Melting like a popsicle on the fourth of July.

It's so hot in this apartment. I'm keeping this short and sweet so I can go back to laying on my bed in my skivvies surrounded by fans.

I had a meeting with 5 of my 6 bridesmaids tonight and they collectively chose a dress! That's a load off my mind. I'd post a pic, but this is the wrong blog for that talk, and herein lies my problem: What do I do when this job is over? I kind of like blogging on a regular basis. Should I merge the 2 blogs? Should I just change the name of this one to something else and continue? Canada's greatest fall semester doesn't exactly have the same ring to it... I'll figure it out I suppose.

The anticipation of where I might be living in 2 months is killing me. Will I be in Halifax, Fredericton or Charlottetown? I wish schools didn't take so long to get back to me.

No photos today! That's what happens when you DON'T LEAVE YOUR APARTMENT.


  1. Yes merge the two blogs and keep going! You relax me after a long evening at work :) <3
    (this is chrissy by the way not anoymous heheh)

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