Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday, July 9: Great summer, or the greatest summer?

I'm having the best day.
I actually did write out a post for yesterday, but I didn't press publish. I only realized this right now, so I deleted it. It wasn't that interesting anyways, and today trumps yesterday.

I've been going to Green Gables early in the morning for the last few days to shoot inside the house when nobody is around. The staff at Green Gables have been fabulous with letting me take up vast quantities of their time, move props, hold my bounce, etc. One even gave me a very long interview that's going to be gold for my Anne piece.

This morning as I was finishing up filming at Green Gables, I got a call from David of PEI Kiteboarding, asking if today was a good day to shoot for me. FINALLY! I GOT TO SHOOT KITEBOARDERS!

Let me tell ya, they make my job easy. David even soared over my head and gave me the most spectacular shot of water dripping off the board as I followed his arc. Amazing. I can only imagine the freedom they feel when the kite picks them up and the wind sails them through the air. It's the feeling that makes me continue to ride roller coasters and challenge heights; that skin-prickling kick of adrenalin that so many are thirsty for.

It was an extremely windy day, gusts pushing past 30 knots, so there were only 2 kiteboarders willing to brave it. Unfortunately, one of them got hurt in the process, and the day ended after about 10 minutes of footage. I'm OK with that; I'll go out again and it's all gold footage. The kiteboarder wasn't seriously injured.

You know you've been thinking about film too long when someone crashes and as you wade over to see if they're ok, somewhere an evil part of your brain is checking that you are still recording. Now I know how paparazzi get so annoying; it comes with experience and the thirst for the shot.

After my awesome morning, I went back to Dalvay to check out the footage and charge the batteries, then headed back to town to do one more shoot before work was over. Nothing could ever trump the morning though.

Photo of the day: a picture of my screen. A preview of some of the shots that I acquired (with no risk to the camera, don't worry guys!) that really made me feel like a professional. Subject matter is everything.

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