Monday, July 5, 2010

Monday, July 5: I'll see them LIVE.

My sister scored tickets to LIVE with Regis and Kelly for next Tuesday! I'm super excited. I wonder what kind of camera they use? I can't wait to watch the crew in action!

Oh, and seeing Regis and Kelly will be cool too.

I'm super pumped that my beautifull, intelligent, witty sister gave me her other ticket so we can go together. Here's a picture of us looking excited/slightly blue!

I still can't believe she got them. Thousands and thousands of people tried for them.

Today I drove to Greenwich to record a reference video for a company that's going to be updating their video. I AM THE WIND. AND I AM THE SEA. was played to me 4 times. However, I can now tell you an awful lot about the history of the area! The rest of the day was spent organizing interviews and times that I can film at various locations and talking to kiteboarders about how much heads up I can actually get on whether or not they're going out (about 12 hours). It'll make a great video though!

Tomorrow is more Anne filming!

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