Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday, July 2: I forgot.

I thought I blogged on Wednesday, but apparently I didn't. I knew I wasn't going to be able to yesterday.

It was Canada's birthday. It was a perfect blue sky day. I was hanging out with friends, eating bbq, drinking beer and playing washoos. To take time out of my day to blog from my iPhone would be to insult the very day that was provided to me.

I participated in the Rustico Canada Day Parade in the morning and had so much fun! It was my first ever experience dressing up as Anne. All these years of avoidance, and I come to realize that it's extremely fun to look like a fictional character. I won a potato sack race, danced around and handed out tattoos and pins. I also got myself a tanne from the costume(see what I did there?)!

Afterwards, I headed to the infamous camp Misty. Camp Misty is put on by a lady who opens up her yard for camping, her bbq for use and her home for peeing all day and night every Canada Day. I am so happy I went; I had so much fun hanging out with my friends, doing mini photo shoots and poking people taking afternoon naps. At the appropriate time, we went down to Norman Peter's boat and participated in the boat parade!

Unfortunate event on the boat: It was apparently freshly painted, and I leaned against something and when I stood back up, I had white paint on the arm of my new HH black shell jacket. I was a little upset, but I'll talk to Doreen tomorrow. Moms always know how to get that stuff out.

Here's a few pictures I snapped with my iPhone. I've also come to the conclusion that Canada Day may be more fun than my birthday, and slightly less fun than Christmas.

We're on a boat. Notice the new paint job on my jacket.

The legendary Norman Peters.

My favorite picture of myself ever. I love being friends with photographers. Care of Haley!

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