Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tuesday, June 29: What shall I do?

It's still raining around these parts. My camera gear is (for some strange reason) opposed to rain. I tried to use the underwater camera bag for some above-water shots, but they turned out less than stellar. I'm off plover watch until this endless rain stops!

Trying to make the most of my day, I lined up 2 more redhead interviews and a tentative shoot for the evening. The redhead shoots went perfectly (after kittens were corralled for one and a garbage truck slowly meandered away for the other). I am so happy with how my interview portion of Anne is turning out! 5 redheads down. Ideally, I'll have 4 more. You'll see why.

I went Halloween costume/decoration shopping for another Anne shot afterwards, but decided against purchasing anything. Chances are it'd run a little pricey for a few second long scene, and I'm not exactly working with a big budget. I'm going to see if I can borrow some instead.

Then, there was the always fun mind game of WHAT SHOULD I DO WITH MYSELF. I have so many interests and they all drive towards the same things. I've taken career test after career test. I think I'm coming close to figuring it out. Unfortunately, UPEI has NOTHING to offer me. I'm thinking of applying off-island. It's a smart move education wise, but it'll be hard. I'm so rooted here. I have a fiance here and we have a daughter together. OK, so it's a cat daughter. But still! I'm getting married next June. Everything seems to be happening so fast!

All I can do is take a step back, stop trying to control every aspect of life, and just enjoy the ride.

Photo of the day: A face only a mama could love?

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