Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thursday, June 10: 4:39 am update.

I thought since I had some time to kill that I would do a mini blogpost of how things are going in time lapse town. If anything super awesome happens today, I'll just edit this post.

So far I've learned:
That when the Internet tells you twilight starts at 3:45 and the sun rises at 4:15, THE INTERNET IS LYING. It's currently 4:42 and the sun has not risen yet, though it is fairly bright out.

When you try to time lapse when it's still dark, you zoom into a bush and miss part of the early light.

Being alone at the beach that early in the morning is scary as all get-go. Did you know axe murderers, zombies, wild boars and E.T hang out there and try to eat nice park employees before dawn?

Sometimes having to pee is a good thing, because, since you retrieved enough courage to leave your car anyways, you might as well check out your time lapse and have enough time left to reset the shot into something usable.

Packing lunches should best be done early the evening before; not at midnight. If you pack a lunch at midnight, your liable to pack a mustard and cheese sandwich, 3 apples (yes, 3), a ring pop, a bag of gummy worms left over from Halloween and a jersey milk bar. The only one of these that are actually enjoyable that early is the jersey milk bar.

You shouldn't still be up at midnight when your alarm is set for 2:30.

As I wrote this, a fox and I had a hangout. My first reaction to seeing the fox was "where's my video camera!" then realized it was currently in use and I didn't have my flip cam with me. I did however snap as may pics as I could before my normal photo camera died, then switched to the iPhone camera. Here's a few crappy iPhone pics.

I think the fox smelled my food. Remember kids: a fed fox is a dead fox.

Edit: My camera battery died before the sun even came up. I'm sure I've got something, but it won't have the full effect. I'll try again when I receive my second battery.  I don't have an alarm code or a key for the field unit's compound, so I had to go home to make sure my battery was fully charged for possible plover chicks. On the way home, the sun burned my eyes in the rear view mirror, taunting me. It cast beautiful light and shadows on everything it touched, and here I was with 2 dead cameras and a sense of defeat.

You win this time, sun. But I WILL time lapse you, and it WILL be pretty.

 It's the perfect opportunity to work from home in a nice quiet place, finishing out my last shots for the Anne shoot and working on uniting my RED ARMY. 

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  1. I'm going to do one of these next week so learning from your experience is great. Sorry about the camera battery