Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I'm a sucker for babies. Any kind of baby (except insect babies, but that goes without saying). Today was extreme CUTENESS/BABY/AWWW overload.

Ben came in first thing and asked if I wanted to go for a drive to find some wildlife footage that I was dearly needing. Having a student photographer is working out very well for me, for the simple fact that usually what I want video of, he wants photos of. We carpool a lot, and it seems like every time we're ill-prepared, animals taunt us with perfect video/photo opps. So we set out to find our own.

And find our own we did! We saw a mama with 2 baby foxes and 5 goslings with a mama and papa canada geese pair. It was awesome, the footage is phenomenal, and I can't wait to use it in an upcoming video.

We went to Cavendish Grove, aka Rainbow Valley, and it was so sad! I haven't been there since the last summer it was open, where my friends and I greedily stayed until close, taking in everything we could and taking about 100 pictures. Here are a few pictures of what it looks like now; beautiful walking trails, strangely void of giant Anne's and spaceship gift shops where once, when I was 7, I spent my entire 'trip budget' on 25 cent water guns that left a breadtrail behind me on the way back to the school bus.

The castle. It's just as big as I remember.

Where the paddle boats/row boats used to be.

The maze! Ben abandoned me and I was forced to use my acute sense of direction to find my way out.

I dropped my dead kitten in a stream while getting footage of goslings. I got it back, phew!

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