Saturday, June 12, 2010

Saturday, June 12: Camping!

I'm currently sitting beside a roaring campfire in Parlee Beach, binging on roasted marshmallows and loving life. Emile, Krista, Jacob and I headed out at around noon to buy camping supplies and get off the sandbar for awhile. We were all more than a little tired after the festivities last night, but once we got some pizza hut into our bellies, we were good to go.

Jacob and I bought our first tent and new sleeping bags. I paid significantly more for mine because I needed one that would keep me warm in sub zero temperatures for the Torngats. I also purchased a shell jacket, horray! Here's hoping I don't leave this one in a shabby Mexican restaurant in Bar Harbour.

Oh yeah, something epic happened last night: Krista made us a beautiful cake for the party, and there was too much left for everyone to possibly eat, so a lifelong dream of mine was fulfilled.

I karate chopped a cake. And it was amazing.

The photo of the day is our awesome campsite. Our tent is on the left, Emile and Krista's is to the right.

Location:Gould Beach Rd,Shediac,Canada

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