Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thursday, June 17: WINNERS (EARL!)

Today I covered the archaeological dig, and realized how much missed being a kid. The teacher yelled "pairs!" and every child immediately linked arms with their best friend forever without hesitation based on any extra societal factor. Kids were walking around with shoes untied, dirt on their shirts and booger crusties present. It was great, and reiterated my love of archaeology and my need to take part in the dig next year.

I stayed late to help out with some basic graphic design and made it to trivia just in time. It was the last Thursday trivia of the season, and we ROCKED it. A perfect round and a near perfect finish sent our group into ecstatic "quack"s. We're not named for the mighty ducks for nothing.

Photos of the day: the dig and our big win (and a year's worth of saving up our beer winnings and the hoist of the value village trophy):

Location:Sydney St,Charlottetown,Canada

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