Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday, June 13: Panic attack at 400 feet.

Today was my first ever experience with Treego, and I must say, I'm extremely happy that I did it.

If you don't know anything about Treego, click HERE to see what it's all about and watch some videos.

It started out fairly easy, as they build you up to the "OH MY GOD DON'T LOOK DOWN" heights and feats. There was a large group of people in the same group as us, and at first it was extremely slow, waiting for people to finish an obstacle so that you could proceed. There are 4 levels of colours that increase in height, daring and skill as you go along, and during the second color, there were a lot of people holding up the line and going back through the course instead of proceeding.

Once the boys were separated from the men, there was virtually no line. Emile has an extreme fear of heights, so we were very proud of him for making it past color 2. Krista, Jacob and I pushed on to color 3. We had gotten through about 7 obstacles when it suddenly started to downpour. Seriously, I was about 70 feet up in the air, holding on to a rope and walking along a tightrope when WHOOSH. Suddenly, my glasses fogged up. They started slipping off my face. I made it to the next tree post, and put my glasses in my bra and pushed onward.

At that point it started to thunder and lightening. Now, the third color of Treego is intense enough bone dry with glasses. It amps up by about 3000000 when you add rain and blurriness. Jacob was gone in front of us, and Krista and I noticed there was no longer anyone behind us. Thinking the course would end fairly soon, we continued on.

It didn't.

There was noone behind us because the Treego guides were calling everybody down and told them to turn around because of the sudden storm, but we were too far ahead. A few obstacles from the end was climbing to about 400 feet up in this huge tree on a wood and rope ladder while clipping yourself in every step with 2 caribeeners, then ziplining an incredible length to the next tree. Marsha, tired, blurry-visioned and soaked, started to cry. I hate climbing ladders, let alone soaked wooden ones suspended from rope. Krista talked me into continuing on by reminding me that there was literally no other option at that point. There are no ladders to the ground. Once you start a course, you either turn around and run the course again backwards to get out the way you came, or get going. We got going.

I stopped crying, decided that I would crown myself Marsha: Queen of the Trees if I completed the course, grit my teeth and started climbing.

3 ladders, 2 ziplines and a glide-by-your-hands-on-a-stick later, I was on the ground and very happy to be.

We're trying the last color at the end of the summer.

In conclusion, today I have never been so terrified and exhilarated in all of my life. I'm so glad I decided not to bring a camera out with me, because it would have been ruined, so no Treego pictures for you. You should really check out the site and see what it's all about though.

My photos of the day are what I groggily took this morning from inside our tent.

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