Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tuesday, July 27: Time's a' tickin'.

There are simply not enough hours in the day.
Today, I got to work and the plover monitors told me that there was a whale washed up on the Cavendish Campground beach. I've never seen a washed up whale before, so Ben and I hopped in the car I reserved and headed to Cavendish. This worked out swimmingly, as I had to go to the Lucy Maud National Historic Site afterwards to get some footage for one of my videos.

I was creeped out by a dead whale. Thank goodness I couldn't see it's eye; I think I would have fainted right there.

Filming with Ben is fun. Since he's a student photographer, he's really good to help me think of interesting camera angles for my video. Photography and videography are coming closer and closer.

When we got back to Dalvay, I ate lunch and went home to do a shoot for Anne that required the use of my kitchen table. Here's a little teaser for my newest video:

I haven't done any colour correction, when I do the split between the screens you won't notice a line.  I drank a lot of raspberry cordial today.


  1. Same trick as your application vid? I really really hope you interviewed yourself with an old-timey accent

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